The PeerCorps is governed by a Board of Trustees

Hamisi A. Kigwangalla, Co-Founder, Executive Director of PeerCorps; Director (CeRD)
Dr. Kigwangalla is a Tanzanian physician with graduate degrees in public health (M.P.H.) and business administration (M.B.A.). He has over 10 years of experience in epidemiology, participatory action research, social marketing and public health communication. He has extensive experience in developing social marketing and communication campaigns for various organizations on issues ranging from HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, drug abuse and poverty to sanitation. Dr. Kigwangalla coordinates and heads all program activities of the PeerCorps on a full time basis.

Mr. George McKenzie Etanga, Co-Founder
Mr. Etanga is a Tanzanian scientist with more than 6 years experience in public service and development activities. He works part time with PeerCorps as a community organizer, educator and researcher.

Dr. Erick Mazyala, Co-Founder
Dr. Mazyala is a Tanzanian Doctor of Dental Surgery and a specialist in histology. He works full time as a lecturer at Bugando University College of Health Sciences, in Mwanza, Tanzania. He has been a researcher for more than 5 years, with interest in contributing to the welfare of the underprivileged and vulnerable populations in Tanzania.

Dr. Kiva Mvungi, Co-Founder
Dr. Mvungi is a Tanzanian physician with more than 4 years of experience in research and community programming. He works full time at the Geita Gold Mine as a physician. He works part time at PeerCorps as an HIV/AIDS specialist, educator and community organizer.

Dr. Philip Mwimanzi, Co-Founder
Dr. Mwimanzi is a Tanzanian Doctor of Dental Surgery and a researcher. His areas of interest include HIV/AIDS virology, immunology and prevention and control. He is currently pursuing on a Ph.D. at Kumamoto University in Japan. Over the past years he has concentrated his efforts working with the PeerCorps in implementing a number of projects before he decided to pursue further studies.

Dr. Charles Wanga, Co-Founder
Dr. Wanga is a Tanzanian physician and works full time with the African Malaria Network Trust. He is currently completing his graduate studies in public health from the University of South Africa (UNISA). He has developed a strong interest in malaria research and programming and works part time with the PeerCorps in his area of interest.

Dr. Michael L. Wilson, International Project Coordinator; Director (CIPCS)
Dr. Wilson joined PeerCorps as an International Project Coordinator in 2007. He holds an M.P.H. (public health) from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and earned an M.B.A. (entrepreneurship) and Ph.D. (epidemiology) from the University of Turku in Finland. His efforts include injury prevention, education and organizational development. Dr. Wilson has been a catalyst for the international efforts of the PeerCorps and continues to develop partnerships with academic institutions, health interest groups and community-based partners throughout East Africa and elsewhere.

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