The Centre for Education and Youth Development (CEYD) is focused on increasing the operational capacity of local community organizations that are engaged in the care and education of orphaned children. It also provides direct assistance youth in low-resource areas.

The Centre's contributions have included:

  • Training orphanage caretakers in ICT skills and business management (Arusha and Dar es Salaam)
  • School-based programming in HIV/AIDS prevention and conflict mediation
  • Community-based programming designed to reduce substance use and misuse among at risk youth
  • The CEYD's strategic goal is to progressively build the capacity of local community organizations to a point where they could independently sustain and expand their operations.

CEYD activities are led by Dr. Dawood Sultan.

The Centre for Rural Development (CeRD) consolidates the longstanding efforts of the organization?s Executive Director into a centre whose resources are aimed at reducing rural poverty, collapsing barriers to learning in central Tanzania and sustaining equitable farming practices. The centre?s approach is multi-disciplinary and focuses on empowering local communities by providing them with the tools that they need to improve their communities. The center's efforts are often carried out via partnerships with local companies. One example of such collaboration is that youth are often linked with local businesses to provide on the job training and apprenticeships (Nzega and Mwanza).

CeRD activities are led by Dr. Hamisi A. Kigwangalla

The Centre for Injury Prevention and Community Safety (CIPCS) is Tanzania?s first community based center dedicated to injury prevention. CIPCS was established in November to conduct research and training in communities with the aim of reducing life threatening injuries. Injuries such as burns, traffic crashes and falls, have received little attention as a growing public health problem. Injuries are preventable and developing measures to minimize risk factors is important in reducing disability or death.

The Centre's major efforts to date have included:

  • A large epidemiological study aimed at determining the patterns and risk factors for child and adolescent injury in Dar es Salaam
  • The training of more than 40 community-based injury prevention practitioners
  • Several publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Training videos in injury research methods and injury prevention practice
  • A photovoice project aimed at capturing youth views on injury

CIPCS activities are led by Mr. Michael L. Wilson

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