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Dr. Dawood Sultan
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The PeerCorps Trust Fund The current mission of the PeerCorps Centre for Education and Youth Development (CEYD) is to increase the operational capacity of local community organizations in Tanzania that are actively involved in the care and education of orphaned children and young adults whose lives and future prospects are limited by poverty through training and financial support. The CEYD partners with international institutions of higher education and nonprofit nongovernmental charitable organizations to enable a transfer of educational and financial resources necessary for improving the performance of local community organizations. The CEYD's strategic goal is to progressively build the capacity of local community organizations to a point where they could independently sustain and expand their operations.

Karing for Karim

Karing for Karim (K4K) is a group of grass-roots volunteers dedicated to helping the Karim Children Care Centre (KCCC), a small 11 child orphanage in Tanzania, achieve sustainability. Members of Karing for Karim understand that success depends upon the creation and access to opportunity. We believe that the children of the KCCC will attain access to endless opportunities if their lifestyles are made sustainable.

The opportunity to change is scarce for orphans in Tanzania. Many Tanzanian orphans lack the building blocks necessary to escape poverty and direct their lives as they choose. Their needs go beyond the fundamentals; food, clothing and shelter. They require the stability of a sustainable lifestyle; one which can provide them with an education, healthcare and an all-around reliable quality of life. Without this, they risk remaining in the cycle which produced them. Their children will likely face the same fate.

The KCCC believes that money raised by way of a volun-tourism business could fund internally sustainable initiatives. To this end we are currently working to assess the needs and capacities of KCCC and other orphanages throughout Tanzania.

For more information on how you can be part of the process of helping PeerCorps assist K4K achieve this and other goals, please contact us at: ipc@peercorpstrust.org

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